Tiny House Takes Shape!

tiny house may 5

Great work, MHS crew! Here’s the latest report from Michael Agosti, Engineering/Technology/STEAM Teacher:
“A and B block classes both worked hard in an effort to complete the framing one week prior to April vacation…but came up a bit short on lumber for the left wall. They did not let that slow them down: they raised the front, “bayside,” and (mostly completed) left walls and installed the Simpson HDU clips (the metallic items visible in the photos that solidly attach the framing to the trailer) while we waited for the lumber to be delivered. We completed the last bit of framing and started squaring the walls with the direction of Marc Liebman, owner of Crown Property Management & Construction, just before vacation. Since vacation we have completed the remaining framing details, installed the 4×4 loft floor joists, raised the LVL ridge beam, started cutting the roof rafters, & put up our first Zip panel wall sheathing. Please stay tuned for updates!”