Tiny House Progress!


Now that the architecture and systems teams are done with their work on the project, students in the Tiny House building course are hard at work bringing the student-created plans to life.

“We started this phase of the Tiny House project with a safety review and then went over the Gantt Chart, (a project management tool that illustrates the start and finish dates and progress of various elements of a project),” explains Mike Agosti, MHS Engineering/Technology/STEAM teacher.


The dwelling is being built on a trailer, so the first step in the construction process was “leveling the trailer front to back and side to side,” says Agosti. Next, floor insulation was installed, plywood was laid as a subfloor, and students constructed the sill plates (the bottom of the framed walls). The trailer is in a secure location outside of the school, but students built the walls on the shop floor.


“So far the project is a lot of fun,” says senior Harrison Caulfield, who took all three classes in the Tiny House course, and will earn honors credit.


“It’s a great way to start the day, and it makes coming to school in the mornings better than usual,” laughs junior Oliver Jacob. “It’s been a really good experience.”

Next up, says Agosti, is positioning, raising and securing the walls, and of course constantly referring to the all-important Gantt Chart. Stay tuned!