We’re Thankful for our Donors and this FMPS Harvest!

Check out how the FMPS-funded Glover Tower Gardens have grown in a little over a month! “All of the third graders have enjoyed lettuce snacks,” says grant writer and third grade teacher Sally Shevory. “We look forward to harvesting beans, chard, basil, tomatoes, and other types of lettuce.”

It’s not all about eating yummy veggies: “We are keeping track of the water and ph levels, and we have been studying different variables of what plants need in terms of light and nutrients,” says Shevory. “The students are noticing things like plants always turn towards the light, and roots always grow down: even when you turn them upside down! It’s all been a wonderful learning experience.”

Please donate today to the FMPS Fall Drive to help FMPS continue to fund important educational grants like the Glover School Tower Gardens. Our schools’ operating budget only covers basics like salaries and supplies. Your donation will go directly to programs that enhance and enrich the education of all Marblehead public school students. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving from FMPS!