Sneak Preview of the New Glover Mural!

Here’s a peek at the beautiful Glover Living Mural, one of our 20 new 2018-19 FMPS grants.

Week by week, the mural has been coming together along a back wall at the school. The creation is a collaborative effort between local artist Susan Schrader, grant writer and third grade teacher Sally Shevory, and the students who have unleashed their creativity to illustrate the school’s motto, Choose Kindness.

After the outline is complete, students will be able to fill it in again and again using outdoor chalk, making it a dynamic artwork and an opportunity for expression.

Sally Shevory says there will be an official unveiling and ribbon cutting right before Thanksgiving, but for now, it’s been a special time watching and listening to the students as they bring the mural to life. As one of the kids said while drawing, “I wish I could just be in the world of this mural!”