Past Grants

The following is a selection of grants recently funded by FMPS. Thanks to the generosity of families and individuals in the Marblehead community, the organization was able to fund nearly $100,000 in grants for each of the past four years.

Grants awarded for the school year, 2017-2018. 

Google Expedition Virtual Reality Kits (MCCPS)

Field trips are a great way for students to gain deeper insight into topics that are studied in class. The greatest downfall is that they are expensive and time consuming, even when only traveling locally. Google Expedition Virtual Reality (VR) kits will allow MCCPS students to “visit” and have an immersive experience in amazing places such as the Great Barrier Reef, the International Space Station, and the Louvre.  

This is a new field and there are more and more companies developing VR products and creating educational experiences.  Some experiences are not only about traveling to far off places, but to travel in time to Ancient Rome, or to travel inside the human body. These one of a kind experiences will enhance learning and leave lasting impressions.


Continuing Support and Growth of the Mindfulness Programs in the Marblehead Public School (District-Wide Grant)

Current research shows that mindfulness programs increase the emotional well-being and resiliency of our students, and decrease discipline issues. A year-long immersion and certification in teaching mindfulness to adolescents will prepare professionals working with adolescents in order to implement an in-depth mindfulness curriculum

Participants will learn mindfulness practices developed for adolescents and the skills to be effective mentors. Our programs introduce young people to mindfulness through guided meditation, mindful movement, small group discussions and fun group activities. Participants in our programs learn self-awareness, empathy, techniques to calm and focus the mind and mindful communication: the foundations for success in all areas of life.


Glover Kindergarten and First Grade Flexible (Alternative) Seating Grant

This grant will add flexible seating to Glover kindergarten and first grade classrooms to provide a variety of ways to stay active, engaged and healthy while learning. With a lack of flexible seating, children are sitting in their desk chairs, in the same position, for the entire lesson. Grant writers cited research that shows powerful links between physical activity and academic performance. 

“Not only does alternative seating benefit students who have learning differences (like ADHD or autism), by giving them an outlet, it benefits all students in a classroom,” says Glover School Psychologist, Amanda Lockerbie. “Allowing students choice and movement in their seating arrangements, especially in the early elementary years, can greatly improve attention, behavior, and academic performance.”


Hydroponic Garden (Glover)

Glover third-grade teachers will guide students through the process of planting a seed, and watching it germinate and grow to a fullsized plant and produce fruits, vegetables or flowers. This will be undertaken using a lighted, hydroponic system inside the school building. Funding for this pilot project will provide the basic equipment to create an ongoing part of the 3rd grade curriculum. 

The students will achieve a first-hand understanding of where food originates; understand the science behind hydroponics, germination, photosynthesis, plant growth and water conservation. There is also a service component: student will be sharing the harvest with the Marblehead Food Pantry. 


The Power of Yet and Growth Mindset Teaching Strategies (Glover)

Glover School implemented an exciting new initiative during the 2016-2017 school year: Growth Mindset. The result is children who are encouraged, supported and able to reach their own unique potential. Growth Mindset was developed by Dr. Carol Dweck and is now implemented in schools across the country. Growth Mindset believes that intelligence can be achieved through hard work, thoughtful strategies, and feedback. If you ask a Growth Mindset student if they have the answer to a difficult problem, the response you will get is, “I don’t have it…Yet.” 

There will be no question that can’t be explored because, “I’m really not good at math,” or “I’m not a good artist.” Instead, our children will approach these questions with the awareness that they are not good at these…YET!


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training (Bell and Glover)

Mindfulness training provides the tools to allow the practitioner to pay attention to the present moment by using techniques like meditation and breathing. It helps people become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and body sensations so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, they are better able to manage them. This grant will fund aMindfulness Fundamentals course that teaches how to develop one’s own personal practice which can elevate levels of self-compassion, bolster well-being, decrease stress,and provide emotional and instructional support of students. 

Research shows a class environment based on mindfulness strengthens attention and concentration, reduces overall anxiety, improves classroom participation, and enhances social and emotional learning.


Successful Work-Based Learning Opportunities (MHS)

During the current school year, the Marblehead Special Education Department has successfully utilized the community-based service provider Work Opportunities Unlimited (WOU) for students who face barriers with successful employment. Pairing students with individuals who have valuable work experience is the key to help students work towards independence, and gain beneficial employability skillsThe goal is to develop more successful work-based learning opportunities for students on IEPs to help them reach their post-secondary goals. This grant will grow and expand business contacts and develop new individual work and assessment sites for students.


Equipment for new MHS course: Engineering 1

Engineering 1 will be a lab-based, semester-long science/technology elective that will give students an introduction to electronics, electrical engineering, materials science, andmechanical/structural design and engineering. This grant will fund the purchase of equipment including Arduinos to explore electrical engineering, a structure and material tester and associated hardware to explore mechanical design, and a heat treat oven to explore materials science.


Growing Independence (MHS)

Growing Independence is a grant for the post-graduate VOICE program.  This program is located at Eveleth School, and the grant will expand the garden/nutrition/cooking program. This program runs during the summer and fall, perfect seasons to work with the garden harvest.  The garden supports skills (spatial, organization, sequencing) and also cooking,collaboration, and community.

The grant provides an opportunity for these post-graduate students to learn lifelong skills while enriching their community and expanding their curriculum.


MHS Biology and Science Whale Watch

Ecology and ecosystems is one of the last important chapters for high school biology students. This three-hour trip out of Gloucester to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, located 12 miles off the coast of Marblehead, is a great opportunity to study marine biology and ecology first hand. Seeing the beauty and fragile nature of our marine ecosystem first-hand will transfer back to learning in the classroom. 


Active Science in Special Education Classrooms (MHS)

This project will pilot the use of Active Science® technology and curriculum in Marblehead High School special education classrooms. This technology blends physical activity measurement and incentives with STEM content, and games using interactive tablet-based activities. Research has shown that the use of this approach can improveunderstanding of STEM concepts, and also increase physical activity levels substantially while not detracting from academic classroom time. Evidence from multiple studies and research reviews suggests that physical activity improves many mental health and academic outcomes among both typically developing children and those with special needs. Physical activity also facilitates positive behaviors such as increased time on-task in the classroom and improved levels of concentration. 


Sensory Prevention and De-escalation Strategies for High School Students (MHS)

Marblehead High School’s TLC program serves approximately 30 students each year who struggle with a variety of challenges including autism, trauma, and anxiety.  Given their challenges, these students can be triggered by environmental stressors, such as noise and crowded hallways. We are seeking to provide these vulnerable students with increased opportunities to use developmentally appropriate sensory de-escalation strategies. This grant will fund the purchase of equipment and tools such as yoga mats, noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets and balls, and Therabands. 


Physics Sensor Interfaces (MHS)

This grant will equip the MHS science department with funds to purchase improved Vernier sensor interfaces, which translate scientific information to graphing software, for the physics labs. The sensor interfaces will reduce lab group size, and increase time on learning.

The current number of sensor interfaces are a limiting factor for making more lab groups. Smaller lab groups would allow for more meaningful engagement in the labs. Also, the new interfaces can connect to an online app to collect and analyze data, and the interfaces would also allow for more flexibility as the high school implements its new technology improvement plan.


3D Printer (MHS)

Catherine Landergan’s Applied Arts classroom has one 3D printer, but 3D printers are inherently slow. One printer cannot support a productive classroom: students end up waiting in line, and some never get the chance to print.  This grant will fund a Lulzbot Mini 3D printer kit, and will be used by student studying practical and fine arts, engineering, and technology.

As students learn to draw and use 3D software, it enables them to visualize concretely what it is they are drawing in a way that doesn’t happen if they are just seeing it on the screen. It also familiarizes them with cuttingedge technology

Improved Instructional Technology for Special Education Students (MHS)

The smallgroup mathematics classes are based around making content accessible to all students at varying levels of proficiency. At Marblehead High School, general education math classes are able to utilize the advantages of having Smart Boards in classrooms. Special Education students would also greatly benefit from all of the specialized instruction that can be built around the use of a Smart Board in a math classroom.

Smart Boards allow teachers to print notes directly from the board to meet IEP accommodations. Using a Smart Board also gives the opportunity for unique learning experiences where the teacher can manipulate the content on the screen, and provide a more concrete representation.


MHS Photo Darkroom Equipment and Improvements

The MHS darkroom (and most of the equipment in it) is now fifteen years old. There are currently only four functioning enlargers, and this grant will provide funds to update the equipment.

Students learning to function in the traditional darkroom must wait (sometimes days) for their turn to use an enlarger to create images for projects assigned. Now all students could be more productive with their time in class


DSLR Video Camera for the MHS-TV Studio

This grant will fund the purchase of a DSLR video camera to be used by Advanced Television and Field Production and Editing Classes as well as by other students using the MHS-TV Studio for other classes. This updated technology is being used in colleges and professional studios, but it is currently missing from the MHS-TV Studio, and one of the primary goals in these courses is to prepare television production students for what they will encounter if they pursue this subject area in college or in the workplace.  

DSLR cameras feature a larger sensor, resulting in a better, more cinematic image. They also shoot better in the low lighting situations that high school student typically encounter.  Students would also be able to experiment with and have more control of depth of field settings.


Mini Straw Rocket Launchers (MVMS)

As a result of the changes included within the 2016 Massachusetts Science Technology & Engineering Curriculum, MVMS engineering teacher Ned Dawes has developed a new project having student teams design, build, and test straw rockets. This grant is for the purchase of the straw rocket launchers needed as part of this project. The teams will try different design elements and collect data on their rocket’s performance. After completing their initial data collection, teams will be given a challenge to design a straw rocket that meets specific criteria and constraints. Teams will use their data in order to select their best design to meet the challenge. The end activity will be for the teams to demonstrate that their final design meets the specific criteria and constraints.


West African Percussion and Dance Workshop (MVMS)

Each year, 8th grade French students at MVMS study francophone West Africa with a focus on Senegal. Students learn about the history, geography and culture, and French vocabulary specific to this region. As part of this multi-disciplinary unit, we would like to invite Sidi Mohamed “Joh” Camara to teach a dance and percussion workshop in French.

The goal of teaching foreign language in school is providing students with interdisciplinary activities that reinforce linguistic skills and broaden cultural perspectives.  The drum/dance workshop meets this goal by providing an authentic experience conducted in French that ties together many threads and themes of the West Africa unit. 


MVMS Literary Magazine

This grant will extend the publication of the MVMS Literary Magazine for a third school year.  Students explore different genres of writing, share their own work, and receive feedback from other writers. Participants are part of an editorial board that solicits writing from the entire school, evaluates submissions, and makes decisions about publication.  

The magazine provides a chance for a much larger group of students and parents to read the writing and view the artwork produced at MVMS. The magazine is published once yearly at the end of the school year. Through the magazine, students will be recognized beyond the classroom for their talents. This recognition furthers an interest in writing and the arts, and, hopefully, will lead to future involvement in these areas.  


Visual Learning in the Language Based Learning Disabilities Program (MVMS)

A multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning is integral for facilitating a successful learning environment for students with language-based learning disabilities. To be successful, students must see it, hear it, and do something with it. This grant will cover acolor printer, a laminating machine, ink cartridges and laminating pouches in order to use visuals, card sorts, and other manipulatives effectively in order to enhance teaching practices as well as the experiences of the students in the classroom. 

Such resources are instrumental in building and facilitating a classroom that builds in multi-sensory dynamics, and provide opportunities for student to become involved in the process.


Alternative Student Work Stations (Village)

The 21st century classroom incorporates movement through stations, in group work, collaboration, and more project-based learning.  The classroom of today looks different and encourages active learning. This grant is to provide one standing work station for each regular education classroom at Village School, thereby offering students a healthy, kinesthetic option for learning. These workstations would reduce sedentary behaviors, increase student attention, and provide options for students to engage more fully in the learning process. Standing desks promote increased blood flow, higher oxygenation, and come equipped with a swinging footrest bar for added student movement. This allows students to have energy flowing without disrupting the learning environment. 

Grade 6 Reading Challenge/Classroom Libraries (Village)

This year, the sixth grade embarked on a “Reading Challenge” in which each sixth grader is attempting to read forty or more books. Our goal is to provide high-interest, high-quality texts that can provide the foundation of our classroom libraries.

This grant will be used to purchase one of the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project’s Classroom Libraries (compiled by a team led by reading expert Lucy Calkins) to split between the ELA teachers. The teachers will use the books to provide a solid base of books in the classroom to make the Reading Challenge more effective and engaging.


Growing the Village School Garden

The Village Organic Garden is an incredible assetIt was originally funded by an FMPS grant, and has provided several years of successful learning opportunities. As a result of four years of use and weathering, it needs repair and enhancement in order to make it a more functional and practical learning space. This grant will update and enhance the existing garden in order to accommodate more student driven learning and involvement. 

The improved Village Organic Garden will connect students to the responsibilities of community, increase student initiative and responsibility, and promote healthy living.


Learning Commons Phase Two (Village)

One of the most desired and exciting outcomes of the new Learning Commons at Village School is a heightened interest in a collaborative model of teaching and learning. To supplement the Learning Commons, students and faculty have identified the need for a common space for students to tinker, create solutions and construct models. This grant will help fund Phase Two of the Learning Commons: the Innovation Lab, or Makerspace. 

A Makerspace is an informal, flexible design lab that supports self-directed learning. Makers are equipped with a wide range of digital and physical tools for creating. Makerspaces include materials as simple as cotton balls and Legos, or as complex as laser cutters, 3D printers, and recording spaces. Schools, libraries and communities across the world are using Makerspaces to facilitate the limitless learning that comes from innovation, engineering and collaboration. 

Grants awarded for the school year, 2016-2017.

Follow that Shark
The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) raises awareness about white sharks as a keystone species of the ocean ecosystem. This grant will sponsor the local placement of one of the AWSC’s shark tracking buoys. Data gleaned will help students learn about the habits of sharks as well as the health of the ocean. This grant also supports a speaker series, open to the public, which will bring marine scientists to Marblehead.

Growing Leaders
This grant supports the seventh grade Wellness curriculum at MCCPS by providing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens book and accompanying workbook. The author, Steve Covey, provides a simple approach to help teens improve self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, as well as tackle new challenges of our time like navigating social media and cyberbullying.

Scrabble Showdown for Champions
scabbleThis timeless game of words will be offered to grades 6 and 7 as part of the MCCPS Enrichment program. In the first term, students will have a creative and entertaining opportunity to sharpen their word skills and practice their socialization skills. The second and third terms will be devoted to friendly competition, working up to a champion showdown!

iPad Initiative: Engaging and Enhancing Student Learning by Merging 21st Century Technology Skills with Content Across the Curriculum
The 7th grade teachers at Charter will use new iPad devices to enhance learning by enabling their students to demonstrate depth of knowledge through an array of multimedia projects, such as movies, animations, public service announcements, and book trailers.  The awarded iPads will add a more creative element to their project based curriculum.

Seamless Integration of Technology into the Curriculum and the Classroom
This grant supplies iPads, Apple TVs, and document cameras to enable collaboration, group presentations, and differentiated learning. The 6th grade teaching team at Charter want their students to demonstrate knowledge through web-based technologies, research solutions to their own questions, and have the opportunity to access programs that meet their individual learning needs.

Enhancing Student Inquiry Through Technology
SX45_stereo_zoom_microscope_Left_02_with_Ring_LightBig_507The 4th grade at Charter will benefit from stereo-microscopes along with visual and auditory presentation technology such as speakers, document cameras, and Apple TVs. This technology will provide students with valuable opportunities to enhance their scientific inquiry process and communication skills, and allow them to present their discoveries in creative, media-savvy ways.

Transitional Skill Development with Curriculum
Transitional skills allow students to use knowledge and apply it to everyday situations in life. In Massachusetts, transition services must begin for the special needs population starting at age 14. This grant will provide new and engaging curriculum for students grades 8 – post graduate to support these individuals toward the multiple skill sets they will need for independent living.

Marblehead Track Association Field Day
The Marblehead Track Association is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting running and the sports of track and field and cross country in our community. The Field Day (June, 2017) will reinforce the Spring PE activities in the middle schools, grades 4-8.  Three practice days will be held in May to teach track and field skills.

Enterprise City
This grant supports a 3 -5 week classroom curriculum that culminates with a day trip to Enterprise City in Dover, New Hampshire. Enterprise City is a student run “city” that includes 9 – 10 “businesses” where classroom skills can be exercised in a “real –life” setting aligning economics and consumer skills. This program will be tailored for special needs students grades 8 – post graduate to enhance transitional skill building.

Promoting Behavior Self-Regulation
There is mounting evidence that aerobic exercise can improve behavioral self-regulation. Studies have shown that exercise was linked with less disciplinary time out of class and lower impulsivity/hyperactivity scores among students. This grant will to provide access to integrated opportunities for physical activity throughout the day to students in the TIDES program through the purchase of an appropriately sized virtual-reality exergame-cycle for the Village School.

Text Based Discussion Group
The Text Based Discussion Group has been highly successful during its first year of operation. Funding is being provided for a second year to purchase books for the program. Teachers from across the district meet as a collaborative forum to read and engage in professional, text-based discussions.

img4Cognitive Connections
This grant will fund a professional development opportunity for speaker Sarah Ward to present to grade K-3 teachers on the topic of Executive Functioning. A presentation to parents and the community will be held in the evening. Sarah Ward is a highly regarded educator, speech and language pathologist and director of Cognitive Connections. Executive Functions is a term used to describe processes associated with goal setting, carrying out organized steps, and modifying a plan to complete a task successfully. These skills are needed to be successful in school. Funding will also provide specialized clocks to be utilized in the classrooms.

Visiting Author Workshops, 2nd and 3rd Grades
The study of biographies is part of both the 2nd and 3rd grade curriculum.  April Prince Jones is a MA-based author who workshops the process of writing (and publishing) a biography for students.  Her biography – Jackie Robinson He Led the Way – is the cornerstone of her presentation and the grant includes copies of the book for the students to read.  The benefit of visiting authors to students – in this case, breathing life into the study of biographies – is well documented.  Thisgrant aligns with the state frameworks while enhancing the core curriculum.

Under Desk Elliptical Equipment
home-elliptical-machineUnder desk elliptical “machines” are manual and silent.  They are used in the classroom to keep students engaged so that they are able to complete assignments.  Primarily for students who learn best while moving, the ellipticals are available for all students; on indoor recess days the ellipticalsmay serve double duty providing an indoor outlet for physical movement.  The grant offers all students an opportunity to work off excess energy and improve focused time on learning.

Glover School Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Education
Mindful Schools is a highly reputable program out of Emeryville CA that offers online mindfulness training for teachers and curriculum for students. This teacher initiated professional development project is in two phases: (1) 7 teachers taking a 6 week Mindfulness Fundamentals workshop over the summer; followed by (2) a 6 week Curriculum Training program in the fall.  During the fall the teachers will work together as a professional learning group.  They will introduce/expand age-appropriate mindfulness practices to their classrooms as well as share with other teachers in the building.  The grant builds upon the mindfulness initiative underway in the district and also offers the opportunity for proof of concept of a inexpensive whiles still being effective option to train more teachers at all grade levels.

A Tale of Two Carts: Chromebooks for ELA
This grant supplies 30 Chromebooks, a cart for storage and a wireless printer to the English and Language Arts Department at MHS. Having the Chromebooks in the classroom will change how students at MHS receive writing instruction at the curricular level.  The technology will allow the teachers to creatively address goals for student achievement in writing.


Chromebooks for Math Department
This grant purchases 30 Chromebooks, a cart for storage, and wireless printers for the Math Department at MHS.  Chromebooks in the classroom allow the students and teachers to take advantage of the online math tools such as MathXL and Pearsonrealize in school.  Using the Chromebooks with MathXL gives all students access to every problem in the textbooks as well as online examples, guided examples and a variety of other resources that assist in the learning process.

Sharing Resources: Staff Library
The professional development collection will be updated in the library at Veterans Middle School. It will be organized by academic department, PBIS, Special Education, Study Groups, Meditation, and Advisory.  It will be a professional library that will support staff across the school and be an area in which staff will find resources and collaborate across the curriculum.  It will provide a way of sharing what we have learned in our study groups and will promote ideas for future areas of staff development. In addition, staff will have resources to apply meditation and PBIS strategies to the classroom.

Village School Book Club
The Village School Book Club is a monthly forum of approximately 10 teachers. This grant will fund the purchase of professional books related to current research and best practices in education as well as award winning children’s texts. The book club and book club blog will be managed and moderated by the grant writers, and the blog will allow on-line dissemination of ideas to community members, fellow teachers and students. A copy of each book purchased will be added to the library collection dedicated to teacher resources, and titles of the children’s books will be available as part of the general library collection.

Village School Mosaic Mural
A unique visual arts piece will be created that will utilize the math, science and social studies curriculum of the 4th grade students at the Village School.   An artist-in-residence will help the fourth grade students design and then create a mosaic mural that will be installed on the front façade of Village School.  The design and build will integrate scientific inquiry and engineering and also link visual arts to other fourth grade disciplines, with a focus on land and water of our community.  The glass mosaic mural that will be created will be permanently on display for the entire community to enjoy.

If We Build It, They Will Come
“If We Build It, They Will Come” will begin the process of converting the current traditional library space at the Village School to a more flexible “Learning Commons” space.  The Learning Commons will be a learning, reading, research, and project space that offers flexible and inviting physical spaces; technology and information resources for students and staff; and space for building community and collaboration.  The versatile and multipurpose environment will allow Village School to address the changing needs of students and staff by extending traditional classroom learning, increasing technology access, and allowing physical space configurations to fit the various dynamics that change throughout the school day.

lexia-smClosing the Gap
This grant will provide Lexia software to Village School students. The Lexia program, along with direct instruction, is proving to be a highly effective tool to provide instruction in all areas of reading development. Lexia is presently being used at Veterans Middle School and has been piloted this year at the elementary level.


Grants awarded for the school year, 2015-2016.

Interactive and Engaging Math Enrichment and Reinforcement
This grant funds a one year subscription to Mangahigh, an online math program aligned with the Common Core standards.  All Charter School students, grades 4-8, will be able to participate in individually differentiated math practice, as well as game-based math challenges.  This program will help teachers address the needs of all math students.

STEM Day: Applying the Engineering Design Process
Bringing a STEM Day to MCCPS will engage students in a one day team project requiring them to apply engineering design principles to solve a problem.  Students will need to brainstorm, consider limitations and criteria of the project, plan, build, test and modify designs, communicate their process and results, and reflect on what they learned.  This day will promote creative and critical thinking, sharing of ideas, and the benefits of project based learning.

Maker Movement: Makerspace 1.5
This grants funds the storage and tools for a co-located “making and tinkering space” at MCCPS.  Students will be experimenting in this space with microcontrollers, prototyping, electronics, coding and robotics.  In conjunction with previous FMPS grants funding a 3D printer and oscilloscope & related materials, this will allow budding engineers the necessary tools and environment to investigate, develop their own projects, and collaborate with peers and teachers.

Relief Printmaking
This grant will give students the opportunity to increase their experience in relief printmaking and mono-printing. The funds will cover the cost of mostly re-usable tools and materials including ink, rolling tools, mon-print plates, and carving sets.

American Library Association Midwinter Conference 2016
This grant provides a rare opportunity for the librarians District wide to attend this well known and respected conference in Boston.  They will have the opportunity to collaborate and interact with publishers, vendors and authors.  The librarians will have access to fresh ideas while updating curriculum and programming.

Informational Texts for 21st Century Learners
This grant funds the purchase of books that will enhance the nonfiction library collections at the Bell, Coffin, Gerry, and Glover schools.  Librarians are currently updating their nonfiction collections in order to meet the new state and national standards that call for an increased emphasis on nonfiction material; this grant will accelerate the process.

Text-based Discussion Group
Funds for this grant will be used to purchase books for a text-based discussion group of twenty to thirty faculty and staff district-wide.  This will create a collaborative forum for teachers as learners and foster exploration of best practices, build a district-wide collegial community, create more common language, and encourage active learning.

Bell School Organic Garden
The Bell School will be expanding their organic garden to lower Bell.  The kindergarten classes are housed at lower Bell, and they will have garden beds that will be dedicated for these students.  The organic garden at the Bell School provides active learning for all students across all subjects.

Third Grade Build a School Song Residency
Tying together Marblehead history, music instruction and pride in a new school, this grant brings visiting artist/musician Alistair Moock to Glover School for a series of workshops with the third grade students who will collaborate with Mr Moock to write lyrics and music for a school song.  The program culminates in a school wide performance of the school and teaching the song to the lower grades.  The Glover music teachers plan to teach the song to all students over the coming months and years, expanding upon it with additional verses and dance/body movement as well as percussion accompaniment.

Third Grade Barn Dance
Funds are being provided for an artist/musician in residency program for all third graders in the district. Professional musicians and callers, the Laufmans, will visit each of the classes four times during PE and music providing the students with the history of the barn dance as well as the movements and music of this historical New England form of dance.  The program will culminate with an evening of music and dance for students, parents, teachers, and principals.  The art teachers will join in on the theme by creating artwork which will provide decoration for this evening performance.

Interactive Bullying Prevention Curriculum
This grant will enable the Bell School, along with Coffin and Glover, to implement the same curriculum and language to prevent bullying.  The Bell School has been piloting this program in the 1st grade this year and will be able to have a curriculum kit for each grade with the funds from this grant.  These prevention units will empower students to engage in a comprehensive research based bullying prevention program from K-3rd grade.

Tiny House: Designing for Sustainable Living
Three new classes will be offered at the high school in science, design, and building of a tiny sustainable house. These classes support the high school initiative for additional Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) programs.  The tiny house will be sold at a profit in order to provide funding for the following year.

The Magic of Wheel Throwing
Funds will provide for a potter’s wheel, stools, supplies, and a refresher course in wheel throwing, which will be added to the curriculum of popular 3D design and art studio classes. Students are greatly interested in learning to throw pottery, and the addition of a second wheel will allow the student to shadow the teacher in learning this art form.

ELA Summer Institute
St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont will be holding a poetry and fiction writing seminar in July.  Five English teachers from MHS will attend the seminars.  Two teachers will attend the fiction writing and three teachers will attend the poetry writing.  When they return to MHS in the fall these five teachers will share all they have learned from the classes and begin to incorporate the ideas into the English curriculum.

SteadiCam Rigs for MHS-TV Studio
This grant funds the purchase of two SteadiCam video cameras.  This I equipment that allows the operator to capture extremely steady footage while videotaping in the field without the use of a tripod.  Not only will students in Field Production and Editing and Advanced Television courses gain experience with this new equipment, it is anticipated that the technical quality of the projects produced will improve as well.

Chemistry of Cooking
This is one of the new Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) courses to be offered in 2015-16 next year.  This course will provide an innovative way to teach science – reaching students through their stomachs.  The course will be co-taught by a chemistry teacher and a family/consumer science teacher.

Photography Equipment
Funds for this grant will be used to purchase additional digital cameras and backdrop lighting umbrella kits to enhance the existing popular photography classes.

Mindfulness Based Stress Management Program
The Mindfulness Based Stress Management Program (MBSM), which began n 2014-15, will continue the work of a psychologist and stress management expert providing MBSM sessions for students.  The session will run before school for teachers. Interested teachers will be trained to facilitate future sessions and will have weekly, then monthly, support in this pursuit.  Work will also be done with the Health and PE teachers to add MBSM to the current curriculum.

AP Environmental Science
This is one of the new Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) courses to be offered in 2015-16.  The course will have a theory side and a hands-on experimentation side.  The primary goal is to introduce real-world environmental concepts to students before college.

Growing Independence
Growing Independence is a garden grant for the post-graduate VOICE program.  This educational program moved to Eveleth School and the new teachers requested the grant to create a garden program.  The program runs during the summer so the students will be able to maximize their garden.  The garden will support skills (spatial, organization, sequencing) and support the cooking, collaboration, and community awareness aspects of their program.  This grant provides an opportunity for the post-graduate students to learn lifelong skills while enriching their community and expanding their curriculum.

This grant will expand the yoga practice at the Veterans Middle School.  The funds will be used for training specifically designed for yoga with adolescent children, as well as purchasing yoga blocks and straps for classes.

Let’s go Snowshoeing!
This grant will purchase of snowshoes for the Village School.  The snowshoes will allow students to increase their level of outdoor activity during the winter months. The snowshoes will be used during PE time and made available to classroom teachers throughout the school for projects, field trips and recess.

An Apple (iPad) A Day…in every classroom!
The Village School technology pioneers will be purchasing 50 iPads (along with cases) and 46 Apple TVs and the Explain Everything App.  The teachers at the Village School will be using the iPads daily to teach in their classrooms and to provide an interactive platform for communicating with other teachers and their students.  An integral part of this grant is an innovative plan for teacher-led professional development on this technology.


Grants awarded for the school year, 2014-2015.

Getting Kids Into Electronics
Electronic tools, testing equipment, and practical electronics books will make available to Charter School students meaningful, real world, hands-on learning experiences. An oscilloscope and related equipment and supplies will enhance STEM learning by enriching the current electricity curriculum, and will give staff and students opportunities to design, create and evaluate electronics-based projects.

Marblehead History Alive

This project will supplement the existing third grade Marblehead History curriculum and is designed to enhance understanding by the students of the rich history of their community.  The grant funds printing and mounting of three sets of large scale images of historic Marblehead for use in all third grade classrooms.

Hokki Stools
Hokki Stools provide a tool for elementary school teachers to help children maintain their own body control. These stools are a type of active sitting so the children can move as needed, while being better able to focus and be less disruptive to the rest of the class.  Hokki Stools can help all students be less fidgety, particularly those students with sensory needs, ADHD, and behavioral issues.

2014 National Conference for Kindergarten Teachers
This grant allows two Bell School kindergarten teachers to attend the 2014 National Conference for Kindergarten Teachers giving them the opportunity to attend workshop sessions with leading experts that will offer powerful techniques to help strengthen the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development of their students. The teachers will bring back and share best practices with fellow teachers, benefiting all their students.

Third Grade Artist in Residence Program
This grant provides funds for an Artist-In-Residence program for the 240 third grade students district-wide. This proposal seeks to provide students the opportunity to engage in a hands-on activity with an expert in his field, Giles LaRoche. Mr. LaRoche will help students create 3D collages of historic Marblehead buildings. This grant will enhance the existing social studies program by introducing a new way to study Marblehead architecture.

Native American Storytelling Presentation and Writers Workshop
This grant will fund a return visit for artist James Bruchac at Glover School for Native American storytelling in grades K & 1 and add a writers component to grades 2 & 3.

Laser Cutter/Engraver
This grant funds the purchase of a state of the art laser cutter that will bring new technology to the high school. It will introduce students to CAM (computer aided manufacturing). It allows safe, efficient, and precise cutting and engraving of materials for architectural models, art and science projects, and it could potentially be used in a student run business engraving plaques and trophies.

Peer Mediation Program
This grant provides money for a program that will train students in conflict resolution and allow them to mediate situations among their peers. The North Shore Community Mediation Center will provide the training and assist in the implementation of the program.

Artist Guest Speaker Series
This grant will bring four working artists to MHS, exposing the high school population to successful career artists who will demonstrate how the visual arts are present in diverse aspects of society and industry. The four artists include a photographer, an illustrator, a graphic designer, and an artist who bridges with the scientific disciplines. Each artist will present at a general school assembly and then present several classroom workshops for smaller groups.

MHS Library iPad Cart
This grant will purchase an iPad cart, the companion Macbook Pro, and 10 iPads. The equipment will be managed by the MHS library to provide access to new technology to both teachers and students. The iPads will support and enhance the curriculum by improving access to information, deepening understanding of concepts through applications and online media, and enabling collaborative learning.

Smart Board E70 Interactive Flat Panel
A portable 72″ Smart Board will be used in the High School Physical Education classes to lend meaning to all learners and encourage connections between students’ personal health and the Physical Education curriculum. It will allow students to answer various questions about life, health, disease, nutrition, fitness, stress, and other topics of interest that emerge.

Technology in Middle School Physical Education
The Physical Education teachers at MVMS will leverage iPads and applications to enhance classroom instruction on anatomy and physiology as well as CPR and First Aid. Recording student activities allows teachers to improve posture, placement, and patterns in both individual and group fitness and game playing situations.

MVMS Literary Magazine

This grant funds seed money to publish and print a literary magazine created by MVMS students one time during the 2014-15 school year.

Closing the Gap
This grant will provide online software to close the gap in reading skills for students with learning disabilities, those that have gaps in English as a second language, and those that have special circumstances due to disruption in their education due to medical concerns or moving. Staff will have up to date data for targeted instruction by a diverse teaching team reaching all affected students.

Graphic Novel Project

This second year grant continues to provide funding for the panel of working graphic novelists to provide two presentations for the seventh grade. The grant will also be used to fund books to support the project.

World Language Week
World Language Week at MVMS is an annual celebration of world languages, diversity and cultures, and corresponds to the national week of celebration held by foreign language organizations across the country. MVMS has celebrated this week for six years by featuring internationally themed presentations by parents and community members, school-wide assemblies, and contests highlighting linguists, world trivia and student trivia. This grant will enhance the current program by providing more enriching presentations and performances to help students gain a better appreciation for the increasingly global society in which we live.

Picture Books to Create Literary Devices
This grant will provide English teachers at MVMS with master texts and picture books to teach literary devices. Teachers at MVMS have reported great success using picture books for clarification of the figurative language students struggle most to understand, and would like to expand their collection. The format of picture books, including brief page lengths and wonderful illustrations, lends itself to more engaged student learning.

Universal Design:  Meeting Sensory Needs of Students
This grant will fund materials and equipment for use in program classrooms at MVMS. The requested materials will help to create a physically calming yet intellectually stimulating learning environment through the use of specific products designed for this purpose.

Special Education Materials
This proposal is to fund the purchase of supplementary educational materials for special needs students, Michelle Garcia’s Social Curriculum. Ms. Garcia is a specialist in therapeutic intervention and designs for social success specifically targeting children with diagnoses of ADD, ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.

Village School Keyboards
Leveraging a 2013 FMPS iPad grant, the Village School task force identified an opportunity to enhance music instruction. New keyboards that interface with the iPads will facilitate assessments as well as allow more individualized instruction and feedback for students who are both ahead and behind the norm. Additionally, the new keyboards are touch-sensitive, responding more like an acoustic piano. This grant allows the music teachers to provide a richer learning experience in the music classroom.

Seated for Success
Good posture is critical to successful instrument playing. It enhances air flow/breathing and stamina. Right-sized chairs for 4th – 6th graders will reduce fidgeting and increase focus on the music. Better playing in the classroom leads to greater success and encourages an upward spiral of practice and performance. This grant provides posture chairs for all Village school musicians.

Fit Girls Run Club
Fit Girls Marblehead is a running program for 4th, 5th and 5th grade girls that builds self-esteem and confidence, and helps girls connect and give back to their community. The focus of this successful program is to create an inclusive, supportive group that enables participants to complete a 5k road race and also to teach tools to create healthy lifestyles. This grant will supplement the Fit Girls Run Club program by enhancing the curriculum, providing need based scholarships, and creating a road race to generate future funds.


Grants awarded for the school year, 2013-2014.

The Mighty Ukulele
Twelve tenor ukuleles, cases, and strings will be purchased to provide for an enrichment class. Students will develop a better understanding of harmony, rhythm, melody, intonation, social-historical context, and music notation. This class will reinforce state frameworks and standards for grades 4 – 8 including singing, playing instruments, critical response, improvisation and composition, as well as notation and reading.

3D Printing – Imagine the Possibilities
Students will learn the Engineering Design Process to become, designers, producers, inventors and artists as they learn how to solve problems, design prototypes, print them using a state of the art 3D printer, and then test and refine their ideas.

Internship at the Center for Teaching and Learning
A middle school teacher will attend a four day hands-on learning internship at Nancie Atwell’s Center for Teaching and Learning.  The approach is to teach to each student at the student’s level rather than doing general teaching to all students.  It also provides significant time for students to write.

NCTE Conference 2013
Fourteen Language Arts faculty members from Grades 6 to 12 will attend the four day conference in November in Boston. They will attend workshops and breakout sessions, listen to professionals in the field, attend author lectures, and explore the best practices for English Language Arts instruction. This year’s convention focuses on transforming the discipline of Language Arts to include today’s rapidly changing political, economic, technological, and cultural forces.

MPS Visual Arts Exhibition Display System
This grant provides the visual arts teachers in the Marblehead schools access to 15 Multiplex Display panels for exhibiting student work.

Curriculum Accessibility
The High School and Veterans Middle School educators who teach in the Special Education Language Based Programs plan to coordinate their curriculum using easily accessible technology.   This grant will provide iPads and related accessories to their classrooms, which will aid students in accessing curriculum in a way that best addresses their learning styles.

Two smart boards will be purchased for visual and fine arts in the high school.   Students will be able to interact with art to see how changes in certain qualities affect the overall character and appearance of the art.

Digital Content for District Libraries
The High School and Veterans Middle School librarians intend to build a permanent collection of digital content books.  A contract with Follett Shelf will allow students access to ebooks and audio books for novels and texts that support the common core curriculum.    Increased access to digital content materials addresses the need for students to be more effective users of technology.

Incorporating Literacy into the Second Step Program
The purpose of this grant is to increase the amount of literature in the school libraries to support the Second Step anti-bullying program, which is compliant with the 2010 Massachusetts anti-bulling law. The literature will help students to internalize the skills being taught through the program.

Bell School Organic Garden
The garden is a collaborative project between the Bell School Faculty and PTO. It is designed to integrate an working organic garden with an outdoor classroom space.  The purpose is to extend the Massachusetts standard elementary curriculum to a broader natural outdoor setting.

Professional Development with Kim Adsit
This is a District wide professional development grant for pre-K and 1st grade teachers.  The teachers have chosen a reading and writing Language Arts workshop run by Kim Adsit.  The workshop will be developed in consultation with the organizing teachers and tailored to the needs of Marblehead students.  All of the lessons and materials link to the common core.  The six hour workshop will be mandatory for pre-K  and 1st grade teachers; reading specialists and aids will be welcome to attend.

 iPad2 Purchase for Glover-Eveleth K-3 Faculty
iPads and applications will be purchased to provide technology for teachers to use in the classrooms. The iPads will allow the teachers to be untethered while displaying the information on the iPad using a projector.  Students will also be able to use the iPads for interactive activities.

 iPads for All
Ten iPads will be purchased for the Transitional Program – a substantially separate classroom at MHS that serves students in grade 9 through 12, with continuing support until students are 22.  The Transitional Program is designed to address the comprehensive needs of students with significant developmental and neurological impairments and the iPads will provide curriculum support while closing the technology gap between these students and their regular education counterparts.

SawStop, a specially equipped table saw that provides a superior level of safety, will be purchased for the MHS Woodshop.  With the risk of injury removed, students will be able to learn how to use this essential woodworking tool firsthand, rather than by merely watching their instructor.

LanSchool is network software that will be installed in the technical drawing classroom.  It will allow the teacher to see all of the students’ screens, and allow all users to share their screens within the classroom, thus streamlining class work and presentations.  The teacher will also be able to share video, send messages, administer check-ins, and more.

Visiting Artists Program
Four real-world professional artists will visit the Photography Studio classes at MHS to confer with students, discuss life as a working artist, and share their work.

Remote Control Camera for MHS-TV Studio
A remote control camera will be purchased for the MHS-TV Studio, allowing students to gain experience with this important technology.  This new camera will create an additional hands-on crew position for all studio-based productions, thereby actively involving one more member of the very popular Television Production classes.

Ukulele for the Middle School Classroom
Twelve ukuleles, cases, and strings will be purchased to be used in the regular music class and during a pilot after-school enrichment class. The ukulele has become a popular instrument in modern music culture and for secondary students. The instrument will provide all students an alternative way to learn how to read music (notes. tablature, and chords) and play instruments. It would also provide a smaller sized instrument alternative for students who struggle with the larger traditional guitar.

Arius Digital Piano and Dolly
The purchase of this equipment will provide the MVMS Music Department with an additional high quality keyboard that can be used for students in the general music program. Students can record their playing and listen to it. It would also serve as the primary and necessary keyboard that would be available for choral rehearsal and performances for the PAC. Due to the large size and weight of the keyboard, the dolly would make it possible for the instrument to be safely transported throughout the classroom and to various locations.

Graphic Novel Project
This grant is to fund honoraria for four graphic novelists to be “artists in residence” for two days to work with MVMS seventh graders.  This grant will also fund dedicated display panels to exhibit student work.

 iPads: Improving Potential, Assisting the Development of Students with Special Needs
Eight iPads will be provided with this grant.  Designated iPads will have dedicated apps specific to the needs of Special Ed Program students.  Apps will include those created for assistance with Executive Functioning, Therapeutic Behavioral Intervention, and Social Skills.

Opinion, Information and Narrative Writing
Following up on a fantastic 2012 grant to a Lucy Calkins workshop at Columbia Teachers College and the subsequent very successful study group, this grant provides Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing for each teachers in grades 3-4-5. The Units of Study are grade level resources for elementary teachers to assist in teaching specific types of writing, which corresponds with the types of reading being taught.  These resources focus on high level thinking giving students opportunities to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate. These new resources also allow children to write across the curriculum, i.e. math, science, social studies.

Collaborating to Develop Common Core Collection
This grant supports the new English Language Arts Common Core standards in grades 4-6 that include folklore, myths, and legends.  Included in this grant are mentor texts for teachers, copies of core books for students and assorted titles to augment the library collection.

Leveling the Playing Field – A Village iPad Cart
This grant funds a cart of 30 iPads for Village School. A group of Village School teachers will create a study group to explore uses of iPads in the classroom, share their knowledge, and develop lessons and data collection techniques. The members of the study group will become trainers for iPad integration at the school.


The following Grants were in action for the school year, 2012-2013

A School Art Museum (Charter School):  This grant represents an effort to engage the entire school in viewing Master artists.  Posters of famous artists work will be displayed throughout the school and will familiarize students with artists and styles of art on a day-to-day basis.  Among other styles, concepts of cubism, impressionism and contemporary art will be displayed.

Finale Notation Program (Charter School):  The Finale Notation Program is to music what word processing is to writing.  This software is widely used by professional musicians and allows students to compose and write music on the computer.  Finale has a wide range of applications for instruments and voice, and it is a tried and true educational tool that will engage students in the study of music.

Mentor Texts to Enhance Grade 3 Reading/Writing Workshops:  This grant funds the purchase of a common set of mentor texts for all Grade 3 classrooms. The 30 texts support the alignment of the new Massachusetts standards and include The Boy Who Loves Words, Because of Winn Dixie, and Freedom Summer. The texts were chosen for their rich language and their ability to illustrate literary elements on many levels.

E-books and Audio Books through Overdrive:  Overdrive is well respected subscription service that provides electronic and audio books to thousands of academic and public libraries across the country.  Reading material will be obtained to support both curricula and outside reading interests.  This project will measure the extent to which students reading has shifted from print to electronic format.

Training Videos:  The videos will provide standard training on teaching strategies for teachers, para-professionals, and tutors in special education classrooms.  Coupled with follow-up discussions on applying the strategies, they will improve teacher and helper effectiveness, as well as help to increase the number of successful behavior interventions.

Second Step:  “Second Step” is an evidence-based Social Skills Program designed for Grades K‐2 that is related to the current grades 2-3 Bullying Prevention Program “Steps to Respect,” which was also funded by FMPS.  This will provide the foundational tools/skills for the younger grades, focusing on social and emotional health:  empathy, impulse control, and problem-solving.

The Power of Reader’s Theater:  This grant will purchase reading materials for grades K-3 book rooms that will be used for dramatic enactment of the text.  It involves the reading of drama from scripts; the students are encouraged to put their own emotions into the lines.  Memorization of the lines is not required.

MHS Student Study Skills Project:  This grant provides an 8-week after-school program designed to facilitate the transition from middle school with the goal of ensuring a successful high school experience.  Through presentations by faculty and support staff, the workshop will cover various study skills, strategies for dealing with stressors that impact one’s ability to study in a consistent manner, effective ways to communicate with teachers, and skills for self-advocating.

Audio Engineering Course:  Audio Engineering is an interdisciplinary senior elective that combines physics, biology, music, technology, and business principles.  Students are introduced to technical audio elements, critical listening skills, and engineering projects, in which students will apply a combination of their technical and artistic knowledge.  Business principles related to producing live events and recordings are woven into the course, as well.

iPads for Classrooms:  This grant will supply iPads for foreign language classrooms that have aging technology that is causing a lot of wasted time.   The iPads will provide multiple avenues to access various types of curriculum materials that will allow each student to progress at her/his own pace in the most effective manner.

The Engaged Classroom (MHS):  Ten iPads will be acquired for textbook use to help Marblehead High School students who have learning difficulties feel connected and engaged in the classroom.  The goal is for students who have trouble connecting to school to have a new and engaging way to access the curriculum besides traditional textbooks.  It is expected that this technology, which follows the precepts of Universal Design for Learning, will help the students to develop the skills and independence they need to be successful in their classes.

Resources on Disabilities (MHS):  This grant will fund the purchase of books and education materials for the MHS Professional Development Library.  Both fiction and non-fiction books are included to appeal to a wide range of readers, including teachers, staff, and students studying psychology, sociology, and wellness.

Curriculum Accessibility Grant (Veterans):  Ten laptop computers will be purchased for use by 7th and 8th grade special needs students. The computers will increase curriculum accessibility and provide tools such as word processing, graphic organizers, writing templates, and editing software that will address the specific needs of each student in a tailored way, thereby increasing the student’s chance of success in a variety of classroom settings.

Picture Books for Learning (Veterans):  This grant will provide the purchase of picture books that will enhance the middle school curriculum across various disciplines including language arts, science, and foreign languages.  MVMS teachers have incorporated picture books into creative and innovative projects.  The relatively brief page lengths combined with the visual conveyance of information enable students to absorb the material quickly in an engaging manner.

Interactive Student Response Clickers (Veterans): This grant will purchase two more additional sets of student response clickers, thereby completing last year’s grant for the MVMS Science and Technology Department that was partially funded with four sets.  There are 32 response clickers per set.  The systems engage students actively and provide instantaneous feedback on progress, or lack thereof, to both students and teachers.   The systems are a significant benefit to quiet and reticent students who have responded positively to this usage.

The Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Program (Village):  Marblehead Public Schools is working towards a cohesive literacy curriculum that aligns horizontally within grades and vertically between each grade, as well as with the new Massachusetts Common Core Standards.  This grant will fund attendance for four teachers at a week-long Lucy Calkins Reading Institute at The Teachers College of Reading and Writing Program at Columbia University.  The Lucy Calkins Writing Program is currently essential to the fourth grade curriculum and is being piloted by some fifth grade teachers, as well.  The teachers will use the training to successfully implement the reading curriculum to coincide with the writing program.

Village Organic Garden (Village):  This project will establish a sustainable organic garden at the Marblehead Village School.  This interdisciplinary project will include science, art, math, language arts, music, health, and wellness studies.  This living classroom is handicapped accessible and will be constructed in conjunction with parents, teachers, community volunteers, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Circus Smirkus (Village):  Two artists from Circus Smirkus will provide a week- long residency for all students in grades 4–6.  Students will have two sessions with the artists during their weekly gym classes.  By giving students the opportunity to experience circus skills first hand, they will be exposed to a noncompetitive physical art form where instructors and student collaborate in an atmosphere of inclusion to enhance learning skills.  The students will be encouraged and empowered to set and achieve goals and to reach for personal excellence.

Student Response Systems (Village):  Ten sets of 32 response clickers will be purchased for use by fifth and sixth grade teachers.  These devices will allow for quick and efficient data collection that will inform daily instruction across the curriculum.  Students in all ability levels will be actively engaged in the assessment process.  The response systems allow for the teacher to assess students’ current level of understanding with any program and intervene with an evidence-based practice.

Grade Six Legends and Myths (Village):  As a part of aligning the Grade Six English Language Arts curriculum to the new Massachusetts frameworks, this grant funds the purchase of five sets of Myths, Epics, and Legends.  The books and accompanying teacher support material will be used in the five sixth grade classrooms at the Village School.  Titles include: The Legends of Robin Hood, Beowulf, and the Tales of King Arthur.


The following Grants were in action for the school year, 2011-2012

Primary Source: This grant funds a one year membership for all teachers in the Marblehead School District in the organization “Primary Source.” This membership provides numerous workshops and conferences, during the school year and in the summer, which focus on the study of world cultures, especially those of the Far East, Middle East and Latin America. In addition, it provides full access to a library of teacher designed units and lessons around world history and cultures, as well as extensive background materials in these study areas.

Creative Classroom: This professional development program provides inquiry and training on how to embed creative and critical thinking into the classroom. This second year of the institute involves a leadership workshop of training lead teachers and administrators to work and team together so implementation of Creative Classroom happens in the schools.

Empowering Multicultural Initiatives: This project will continue to develop culturally-relevant, anti-racist teaching practices among MPS faculty and staff. Through the Multicultural Initiatives course, teachers and staff will have the opportunity to analyze how issues of diversity, race, and differences impact the classroom and the academic achievement of all students.

Foodplay: This program uses the power of live theater to turn kids on to healthy eating and exercise habits. It will be presented to elementary students district wide and includes juggling, music, magic, and audience participation while conveying a message of good nutrition.

Amazing Americans: Do you want to try on Daniel Boone’s coon cap? Try Braille like Helen Keller? This year nationally known Keith Michael Johnston will perform for all First and Second graders and give these famous characters a voice in Amazing Americans; the presentation is humorous, educational, and hugely entertaining for all budding historians.

Day of Respect: Submitted by the Veteran’s Middle School. This grant is a full school day program to promote a positive school climate teaching tolerance, acceptance, and diversity.

Universal Design for Learning and Literacy: This grant will provide resources for teachers who work with students in grades 4 through 8 that have varied learning styles. The teachers will plan, create, and develop classroom materials and activities. This proactive approach will help teachers to be ready to work with each student in the way that best meets the student’s individual learning style.

8th Grade Student Exhibition: Using the existing 8th grade collaborative English-Social Studies research project, students will demonstrate an in-depth understanding of their topic through the creation of an art project. This grant will allow students to use mini flip video cameras or Chinese calligraphy supplies to create a short film or a Chinese calligraphy andbrush painting related to their research topic.

Master Piece Cast Replica Collection: This grant will allow the purchase of seven sculpture replicas originally created by Rodin including The Thinker which will be displayed in the library. The other six will serve as classroom models for the department’s sculpture classes.

Vibez Gospel Group: This grant will create a multi-school, multicultural gospel group for Marblehead Public Schools. Through this choir, all interested students between 5th and 12th grade (both commuting and resident) will have the opportunity to explore the history, development and influence of African-American music in the United States.

Taylor Mali Residency: This grant makes possible a first-ever opportunity for Marblehead High School students to work with Taylor Mali, a renowned poet, performer, and teacher. This artist-in-residency will span over two months and culminate in a Poetry Slam, which will highlight student performances in poetry, song writing, visual arts graffiti, set design, and a performance by Mali himself.

Landscape Woodcut and Etching Printmaking: Don Gorvett and Sean Hurley (artists in residence) will bring a studio program on landscape to MHS on woodworking and etching.

Virtual Dissections with Froguts Software: This grant will fund the purchase of a one-year software license that will provide introductory Biology students who decline to participate in the dissection lab with an excellent alternative. In addition to providing a virtual dissection, the program can be used as a companion to the actual dissection by demonstrating well-preserved organs in detail and allowing for review both at school and at home.

Orienteering 4 Schools: This grant brings to Village School an orienteering program specifically developed for schools. It will be implemented by the Physical Education Department, but it has tie-ins with all subject areas. Orienteering creates and improves communication, analytical and decision-making skills. The students will also learn navigational skills, including map making and reading maps and compasses.

Printmaking Residency: High School art studio students will participate in a series of workshops and conferences offered by two expert printmakers, Don Gorvett and Sean Hurley, who will lead the students through the woodcutting and etching processes. All high school art students and faculty will be invited to the lectures and final exhibition.

Embracing Diversity: This grant was submitted for Marblehead Community Charter Public School as an all school performance by Dr. Michael Fowler on “You don’t know me, until you know me” and a second program with Greg Cole teaching African and Latin dance, rhythm, art and culture.

Math and Science Technology Initiative: All MCCPS students and teachers will benefit from Discovery Education’s Streaming Plus digital video-on-demand and online teaching resources. The program includes an up-to-date math and science video library and lessonplans. Students will be able to access from home to practice virtual science labs and complete interactive math lessons.

MVMS Best Buddies Chapter: This grant provides the Vererans School with its first Best Buddies Chapter. It will enhance the MVMS community and increase friendship connections between peers with intellectual disabilities and social challenges with those of like interests. It is an anti-bullying curriculum enhancement.

Marblehead Grade 4-12 Youth Leadership Project: Consultant Richard Cohen will work with school staff and student leaders from the Village, Veterans, and High Schools to combat bullying and cyber-bullying in our community.

The Trouble-Free Playground: The Trouble-Free Playground grant will fund equipment and training by Dr. Curt Hinson for Village School faculty, staff, and students on how to engage in fun, inclusive games at recess. Designed to minimize bullying, the Trouble-Free Playground will add some creativity to the down-time in the students’ day.

The Outdoor Classroom at Bell School: The outdoor classroom is designed to be a thoughtful way to have nature meet learning at Bell School. Designed cooperatively with the High School woodworking staff and parents as well as the Town of Marblehead, the Outdoor Classroom will be used by all disciplines and grade-levels at the Malcolm Bell Elementary School.

Music Professional Development: The Marblehead Public Schools Pre-K– 8 Music Education Staff will experience a two-day staff workshop by Dr. John Feierabend.

Las Vegas A Cappella: This grant will provide the conference registration for the Jewel Tones and Luminescence at the Las Vegas A Cappella Summit in the fall of 2010. The students will attend workshops and performances by nationally-renowned college and professional groups, and they will be exposed to the west coast a cappella culture, which is different from the style to which they are accustomed.

Graphic Novel Pilot Program: A set of graphic novels will be purchased – MAUS: A Survivor’s Tale by Art Speigelman. This will provide a different type of learning material to explore a difficult subject: The Holocaust. This novel can be utilized at all levels and will provide a bridge between literature, history, and art.