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The deadline for this year’s GRANT season has passed and we are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest.

Please read below to learn more about the grant process, and feel free to email any questions to:

The FMPS mission statement is as follows:

“The purpose of Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools, Inc. is to create an independent, community-based corporation to enhance the quality of education in the public schools of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The corporation is not intended to reduce or eliminate the town’s responsibility to support its public schools, but rather to supplement and enhance existing school programs and activities and to make possible new programs and activities. The corporation will work cooperatively with other local organizations and individuals interested in the public schools, including but not limited to the School Committee, faculty and administrative staff and their associations, Parent/Teacher organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, and concerned citizens.”

Grant proposals will be evaluated according to how well they meet FMPS’s criteria and metrics. FMPS will be looking for proposals that target specific student groups, as well as those that support comprehensive programs for entire school communities. Innovative and creative proposals that directly impact the curriculum are a priority. Grants are awarded in all curriculum categories including fine arts, guidance, health/wellness, language arts, math, science, technology, and world cultures. Staff professional development and community/school collaborations will also be considered. Please refer to “Current & Past Grants” for a listing of previously funded programs and projects. The Board will consider both larger, more ambitious grants as well as small requests that target simpler needs.

It is not the aim of FMPS to provide funds that support current school operational costs. Funding may not be used for routine supplies and texts, utilities, a building’s operating costs, existing building and equipment maintenance, or staff salaries and wages. Proposals may, however, include a request for funds for project-related supplies and equipment, workshop fees, and/or educational resource materials. Any reusable materials and equipment made available through a grant will become the property of the Marblehead Public Schools. FMPS will not issue grants to compensate people on an hourly basis, but in certain cases a fixed stipend may be awarded. Eligible applicants may include, but are not limited to: school personnel, parents, community members and professionals, businesses, and community or school organizations.

The Board will consider grants in tiers (based on the amount of money being requested) and apply a stricter standard for grants of a higher dollar amount: a request for a $10,000 program must clearly meet a higher standard of expectations than a request for a $200 project.



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FMPS Grant Application Intro 2.1.2018 rev2

2018-2019 Grants Committee:
Jennie Sheridan, Chair
Amy Cutler
Mary LeBlanc
Brett McCarty
Brian O’Connor
Annemarie Rockwell
Tricia Kramer