Current Grants

Grants awarded for the school year, 2018-2019.  

Soundtrap—MCCPS This electronic music arranging program will help MCCPS students compose and arrange songs and instrumental pieces for both music class and for integrative school projects. Soundtrap will foster collaboration, technical skills, and creativity.


Empowering Students Through Service Learning—MCCPS

This grant funds a workshop and coaching sessions for all MCCPS faculty members which will focus on incorporating service learning in the classroom. Service learning is an integral part of the mission of MCCPS, and it will give students the opportunity to learn academic skills while serving the community at large.


Weather Station—MCCPS

Installing a weather station will allow students to collect and analyze data. Students will track the weather at MCCPS and compare it with weather reported at other Marblehead-based weather stations. Integration plans include daily weather reports at community meetings and using the school’s green screen/TV station to produce a weather report.


Oyster Upweller: Shark Club Expands to Aquaculture—MCCPS

The grant will fund an upweller–which grows oysters for research and measures the effects oysters could have cleaning Marblehead Harbor–with the support and coordinated efforts of the Massachusetts Oyster Project. The program will include hands-on activities for students and the continued creation of STEM based enrichment curriculum.


ADL A World of Difference Peer Mentor Program—MCCPS

MCCPS peer trainers will be trained by the ADL staff to lead developmentally-appropriate activities and discussions with their fellow students. The emphasis will be on combatting bias-related issues including bullying, cyberbullying and other prejudicial behaviors. Peer Trainers will share safe and practical prevention and response strategies including ways in which students can become allies for peers who are targeted. 


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention—District

Along with parents and caregivers, teachers, school counselors, and staff are on the front lines of both teaching children about personal body safety and recognizing possible warning signs of abuse. This grant will fund a pilot program of voluntary district-wide sexual abuse prevention training and will bring in a speaker to address Marblehead parents and MPS staff.


Service Learning—Bell School

After launching a successful pilot program where Bell School students formed connections with elders at Lafayette Nursing Home, the teachers would like to expand service learning at the school. This grant will fund books and support literature to help teachers launch more service learning projects with their students. Potential areas of interest include sustainability, hunger and homelessness, and language and literacy.


Sustainable Environmental Education—Bell School

This pilot program for Bell second graders is a series of project-based workshops about how soil and composting affect our food, and how we each can play a role in protecting our environment and food sources. The workshops will incorporate science, math, social studies and ELA, and will hopefully inspire passion and curiosity for learning about the environment and sustainable practices. This grant builds on and incorporates a previous FMPS grant, the Bell Organic Garden.


Weather Station—Glover School

Installing a weather station at Glover School allows the third graders to add a data layer to the study of weather. The students will be able to compare findings from made-in-the-classroom instruments with data from the sophisticated station installed at their school.


Living Mural—Glover School

The Living Mural will be a dynamic artwork attached to an outside wall of the school that will give Glover students the opportunity for expression and creativity. Local artist Susan Schrader will create the outline that students will be able to fill in again and again using outdoor chalk. The Glover Living Mural will reflect the school’s motto, Choose Kindness.



This grant will provide funding for students from BRIDGE and VOICE (high school and post-grad special education programs) to attend RAW Arts, an 8-week art therapy workshop. RAW Arts will help students build friendships and develop self-confidence, and will expose them to various art mediums and give them the opportunity to create and exhibit artwork.


Learning to Ride with UBER—MHS

Through this program, students from BRIDGES and VOICE (high school and post-grad special education programs), will learn how to use UBER. The goal is to teach students who are developing independence to build life skills such as budgeting, travel planning, and safety.


Whale Watch—MHS

mhs whale watch

This experiential learning program will bring freshman biology students to Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary to reinforce the study unit dealing with marine biology, food webs, and ecology.mhs whale watch sighting


Lockboxes for Chromebooks—MHS

These lockboxes will provide a safe place to store school-owned Chromebooks for student use, ensuring every student equal access to technology, regardless of whether or not they own a device.


METCO Mentoring Project—District

Through this program, MHS students in the METCO program will mentor students at Glover, Bell, Village, and Veterans schools. This program is designed to build community and provide additional support to younger METCO students, and show them that they can achieve their goals.


Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation—MHS

An integral component of the post-graduate VOICE program is preparing students for life after they age out of services. Transitioning out can be very stressful for the students; practicing yoga and learning about mindfulness practices will help students manage anxiety and give them skills they can carry forward into independent living. Weekly instruction with a skilled yogi will provide the necessary foundation.


News Literacy—MVMS

This Veterans School grant will fund a subscription to the News Literacy Project for all 7th and 8th graders. Students will learn how to evaluate online sources for accuracy and learn how to differentiate unbiased news and information from opinion and propaganda. 


Digi-Blocks for Mathematical Growth—Village School

These research-based hands-on math supplements improve number sense and conceptual understanding of decimals. Students will have the opportunity to make sense of math in a highly engaging format to establish the necessary foundation for upcoming algebra courses.


Dash into Fourth Grade—Village School

This grant will bring Dash and Dot Coding Robots to the Village 4th grade classrooms. This technology will introduce and expand students’ awareness of coding, encourage critical thinking, and foster teamwork. There is also the opportunity to compete in a yearlong enrichment program, the Wonder League Robotics Competition.


Maker-Centered Learning—Village School

This full-day professional development workshop for Village School teachers will present  strategies for hands-on learning in all areas of study, including STEM, language arts, and social studies.