Check out the Glover School Tower Gardens!

The Glover Tower Gardens are growing! We were thrilled to hear Glover School third graders A.J. and Ryan describe the hands-on learning that these three environmentally-friendly garden towers will bring to the school.
“The third grade students are caring for the gardens and are learning about plants, sustainable farming, and healthy choices in the process,” A.J and Ryan explained. “Tower gardens are vertical planting systems with grow lights. They are watered by a motor that pumps the water up to a tower, and it rains back down. Because the tower garden reuses the water, it only uses one-tenth of the water normally used for growing.”

There are 84 plants in all, including beans, cucumbers, lettuce and basil. Thanks to our generous donors, FMPS was able to fund this impactful grant, and we look forward to watching the Glover Tower Gardens flourish!