2017 Summer Soirée Student Artist Spotlight: Madison Flaherty

“I was so excited when they asked me,” Marblehead High School sophomore and talented artist, Madison Flaherty, said recently when asked about being the selected artist for this year’s FMPS Summer Soirée invitation.

The invitation features Madison’s drawing of the lovely harbor front home of this year’s hosts, Jamie and Kate Kellogg.

Madison says she’s loved art since she was really young when she would sometimes pause tv shows to draw what she saw on the screen.

While admitting that her love of art motivates and drives her, she attributes Marblehead teachers with helping to encourage her exploration of different mediums. Madison says she loves to sketch with pencils, but is also a fan of oil painting, and is very interested in exploring sculpture more.

Veteran’s Middle School art teacher, Ms. Hauptman made art class fun for Madison who says she’s also really enjoyed taking Textiles and Studio Art 1 & 2 at Marblehead High School. She is looking forward to taking AP Art History which she says “will be fun – a lot of work – but fun.”

In addition to the number of art classes she takes in school, Madison started taking classes at Acorn Gallery when she was 8-years-old, where you can still find her most afternoons.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent, Madison!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday, June 17th at the Friends and Flip Flops Summer Soirée!

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