Annual Fundraising Drive

Thank you, Marblehead community, for your continued support of the Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools (FMPS). Your generous donations have helped us fund innovative educational grants that benefit all of our public school students.

Whether you’re a native ’Header or new to town, you know that a strong public school system benefits our students, teachers and ultimately our entire community. For more than 25 years, FMPS has awarded more than $1.5 million in grants for math, science, fine arts, literature, and technology programs for our students, and professional development for our teachers.

We appreciate your support for our 2016 Fall Friends Drive—thanks to you, FMPS is looking forward to a great year of funding more exciting grants!

Sincerely, 2016-17 Board of Directors

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FMPS Annual Fall Drive

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FMPS Annual Fundraising Drive

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Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools (FMPS) is an independent, community-based fundraising group that raises money to enhance the quality of education in all Marblehead public schools, including Marblehead Community Charter Public School, in grades K-12.


FMPS Mission Statement
The purpose of Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools, Inc. is to create an independent, community-based corporation to enhance the quality of education in the public schools of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The corporation is not intended to reduce or eliminate the town’s responsibility to support its public schools, but rather to supplement and enhance existing school programs and activities and to make possible new programs and activities. The corporation will work cooperatively with other local organizations and individuals interested in the public schools, including but not limited to the School Committee, faculty and administrative staff and their associations, Parent/Teacher organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, and concerned citizens.