Tiny House Takes Shape!

tiny house may 5

Great work, MHS crew! Here’s the latest report from Michael Agosti, Engineering/Technology/STEAM Teacher:
“A and B block classes both worked hard in an effort to complete the framing one week prior to April vacation…but came up a bit short on lumber for the left wall. They did not let that slow them down: they raised the front, “bayside,” and (mostly completed) left walls and installed the Simpson HDU clips (the metallic items visible in the photos that solidly attach the framing to the trailer) while we waited for the lumber to be delivered. We completed the last bit of framing and started squaring the walls with the direction of Marc Liebman, owner of Crown Property Management & Construction, just before vacation. Since vacation we have completed the remaining framing details, installed the 4×4 loft floor joists, raised the LVL ridge beam, started cutting the roof rafters, & put up our first Zip panel wall sheathing. Please stay tuned for updates!”

Meet 2016 Summer Soirée Invitation Artist, Anya Hart


“I’m always carrying a sketchbook,” Marblehead High School artist Anya Hart says with a smile. The MHS junior created the invitation for the upcoming FMPS Summer Soirée, embracing the challenge of her first commissioned piece: a drawing of the beautiful waterfront Thompson home, the venue this year’s event.

“I visited the home and took my own pictures to work from, and I used pen and ink and colored pencils for the piece,” she explains.

“Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve had ideas in my head that I wanted to get down on paper, and I’d create birthday cards, portraits, and even my own picture books,” Anya says.


Although pen and ink, and in particular an intricate technique called Zentangle, is her favorite form of artistic expression, at MHS Anya has branched out to other mediums, including sculpture, painting, and cartooning. “I love that in my art classes at MHS I’ve been encouraged to try new things,” she says.

“Anya is eager to learn, a perfectionist, and what’s wonderful is she often shares her culture in her art,” explains MHS art teacher Pascale Queval.

Anya would love to combine her love of biology and art in the future, and she has her sketchbook ready for a trip to Paris and Rome this summer. Thank you for your beautiful work, Anya!

Save the date for FMPS Summer Soirée: Saturday, June 18, 2016, and look for more details coming soon!

Zodiac in Zentangle style….

Birth of Venus sculpture.

Pen and ink charicature of Kelsy Grammar.

Wire mobile.

Glover School Song

Listen to the Glover School Song

Earlier this year, songwriter Alastair Moock led a FMPS-funded workshop for Glover students to create their own school song. We’re excited to let you know that the song will be performed as part of the Grammy-nominated artist’s appearance at Marblehead’s Me and Thee Coffeehouse on Friday, March 25.

If you can’t get to the show, you can listen to it right here. We’re sure you’ll be as touched and wowed as we are! Great job, Alastair and Glover students.

Click here to read the Marblehead Patch article.

Tiny House Progress!


Now that the architecture and systems teams are done with their work on the project, students in the Tiny House building course are hard at work bringing the student-created plans to life.

“We started this phase of the Tiny House project with a safety review and then went over the Gantt Chart, (a project management tool that illustrates the start and finish dates and progress of various elements of a project),” explains Mike Agosti, MHS Engineering/Technology/STEAM teacher.


The dwelling is being built on a trailer, so the first step in the construction process was “leveling the trailer front to back and side to side,” says Agosti. Next, floor insulation was installed, plywood was laid as a subfloor, and students constructed the sill plates (the bottom of the framed walls). The trailer is in a secure location outside of the school, but students built the walls on the shop floor.


“So far the project is a lot of fun,” says senior Harrison Caulfield, who took all three classes in the Tiny House course, and will earn honors credit.


“It’s a great way to start the day, and it makes coming to school in the mornings better than usual,” laughs junior Oliver Jacob. “It’s been a really good experience.”

Next up, says Agosti, is positioning, raising and securing the walls, and of course constantly referring to the all-important Gantt Chart. Stay tuned!